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How to get to KURIKOMASO

From Wakayanagi-Kannari I.C.
approx. 50min by car (32.1Km)
From Kurikoma-Kogen station
approx. 60min by car (39.5Km)
From Ichinoseki I.C.
approx. 55min by car (33.8Km)
  • * The inn shuttle bus service is available. Please make a reservation by e-mail the day before arrival.
  • * There is a paid shuttle bus service (at least from two people) to and from Kurikoma-Kogen station(JR) or Hiraizumi Chusonji Temple (Restaurant Parking Lot).
  • * Please let us know by three days prior to the arrival.
  • * For guests from overseas, please make a reservation
    ONLY by e-mail.

Access by bus

access bus

Sendai Airport → Hiraizumi Station

Adults : 2,500 yen / Children : 1,250 yen

Please see below for more details on reaching Sendai Airport or Cyusonjitemple.


Shinyu onsen KURIKOMASO
KURIKOMASO  95-2 Kouei-Higashi, Numakura Kurikoma, Kurihara City, Miyagi Prefecture, JAPAN
TEL +81-228-46-2036
FAX +81-228-46-2037
Please contact the occasion of your visit.