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Hot spring

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The seasonal Kurikoma style.
The gentleness impinges on both skin and human beings.

Hot spring hot spring opened in 1720 and rebirthed by Kurikomaso, "Shinyu Onsen", a secret bath that has been classified as "phantom hot water" among Kurikoma gotan, "Shinyu hot spring Kurikomaso "reproduced as.
The source is located in the mountain climbing mouth opening, it is secret hot spring known to have healed the fatigue of mountain climbers from long ago. With a faint scent of sulfur, hot water flowing beyond the time of nearly 300 years passes through all over the body and mind.

Effects of Onsen

Recovering from fatigue, keeping a healthy condition, preventing ailments, soothing your skin, easing stiff schoulders, relaxing your muscles, etc.
Therapeutic Effects (Sulphur Spring): neuralgia, cuts, diabetes, chronic skin disease, high blood pressure, joint pain, etc.

Reservable open-air bath

  • *For our inn guests: for free.
  • *For guests for day-use plan: 2000 yen for basic charge and 500 yen per
    one person for private bathing.
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