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Stay plan

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Secret hot spring

The fountain quality of Shinyu hot spring is known as a hot spring of diabetes in sulfur spring. Kurikomaso is a secret hot spring that keeps Japanese ancient Japanese hot water culture. It has long been popular as a hot spring for long-term recreation.

We also have a day-trip bathing plan at Kurikomaso. Please enjoy the famous hot spring of 100% source.

Regarding price

  • ◇ Please make a reservation in advance.
  • ◇ Please contact us if you wish for the day. (Until midnight)
  • ◇ The type of room is Japanese style room (no bathroom / toilet).

Hot spring cure plan

1 meal discount at check in in the morning

1 night with 2 meals a day
7,000 yen (tax included 7,710 yen)
2 nights 3 days with 6 meals
13,000 yen (14,340 yen including tax)
3 nights 4 days with 9 meals
15,750 yen (tax included 17,460 yen)
  • * GW, SW, Year-end and New Year holidays are excluded
  • * The charge will be for 2 people or more.
  • * Application per person will be increased by 1080 yen per day.
  • * The day before Saturday break will be 1080 yen per person per day.
  • * The number of food items (6 items) will be.
    Because it will be a light meal, something like a side dish (other than raw)
    Bringing in is OK. (Shared refrigerator available)

Kurihara's hospitality plan (with two meals per night)

For accommodation of 2 or more people
9500 yen (Consumption tax included · Hot water tax separately 150 yen)
One person's stay
10600 yen (consumption tax included · bathing tax separately 150 yen)
画像13 items

Bed without meals

5,550 yen (tax included)
Elementary school student
4,320 yen or more (tax included)
In case of 1 room / 1 person
6,630 yen or more (tax included)
  • * 1 room will be charged for 2 people or more.
  • * If you wish for breakfast 1,400 yen (tax included)

At time of reservation

  • · If you wish to pick up a car, please consult us at the time of reservation.
  • · In case of using infants, please contact in advance.
  • · Please make a reservation in advance for the use of meals and futons
  • · Towel · Toothbrush · Yukata available.
  • · Credit support
  • · For outdoor baths, we may not be able to use depending on the weather.

About cancellation

  • · In case of reservation cancellation, please be sure to contact us by the day before.
  • · Regarding cancellation on the day, full payment is required.
  • · In case of cancellation of reservation please be sure to call us by phone.
    TEL + 81-228-46-2036

One-day hot spring plan

Bathing fee
Adult 500 yen / Child 300 yen
Bath time
Quick Rest
Hall (944 yen / person)
Guest room (3,400 yen / per person for 2 people)
  • * Please bring towels etc . Bath towel for rent 200 yen
  • * Regarding open-air bath, we may not be able to use it depending on the weather.
  • * Please inform us beforehand when you visit for irregular holidays

Day trip

It is possible to respond according to the number of people / budget. Please do not hesitate to consult us.

  • * There is a minibus transfer.
  • * Karaoke is also available. (free)


Guest Rooms
Indoor Bath
for men:1/ for women:1
Open-air Bath
for men:1/ for women:1
Reservable Open-air Bath

Free WiFi
No Scheduled Holidays

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